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The Phantom Nudibranch

Can't get enough of the Melibe Colemani? Here we provide you with a link to a page where you can marvel at its beauty.

Also, we introduce yet another nickname for the Melibe Colemani, the Phantom Nudibranch.

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In this article by Liquid Guru, the Melibe Coleiven yet another nickname, the King of Nudis. We like the comment made where by "on a photograph, it can be hard to work out exactly how this creature wo

In scuba diving terms, the Melibe Colemani is classified as a "critter". Critters make popular photography subjects for Macro Photography. Since the Melibe Colemani moves very slowly, it is therefore

After its discovery by Neville Coleman, further studies were done by Terry Gosliner and Marta Pola who then subsequently published their findings in their research article. In their abstract, they bri

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