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The Melibe Colemani has an extended family.

The Melibe Colemani does have an extended family of Nudibranchs that show some resemblance. In this article, you can take less than 5 minutes of your time to shallow dive into 2 extended family members and learn more about this Melibe family.

First, we take a recap look at the Melibe Colemani itself in this video by GlobalDiveMedia.

Secondly, you can then compare it with the looks of the Melibe Bucephala in this video by YumYumYellow. As you can see, the Melibe Bucephala does have an extendable oral hood similar to that of the Melibe Colemani, although the Melibe Bucephala does not have the "Roots"-like appearance of the Melibe Colemani.

Lastly, in this video by Devocean Pictures you can observe the Melibe Engeli. The Melibe Engeli seems closer in appearance to the Melibe Colemani, with its almost translucent body, just minus the "Roots". The extendable oral hood is pretty obvious too.

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